Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, I've got another doctor appointment today in Fredericton. Just the weekly visit that is normal at this point in my pregnancy, nothing serious... But I'm still getting ready for the possibility that I'll be admitted to be induced. Last week when I went to the Ob/Gyn they found that I am slightly toxic... as in Toxemia.(also called pre-ecclampsia) Basically my blood pressure was elevated and they found protein in my urine. There were no other symptoms, though there are lots to watch out for.

I was also toxic when I was pregnant with Olivia as well, but it never occured until I was already a week overdue, so they just went ahead and induced right then and there. I'm just not sure at what point they would look at inducing this pregnancy if it doesn't improve and if I don't go into labour on my own. I'm 38 weeks now, so there should be no risk to taking the baby at this point. She's considered full term and everything (lungs etc) should be developed properly.

I mentioned the possibility to my mom on the phone this morning and she pointed out that if they induced today I just may end up having the baby on my birthday, which is tomorrow. And although that would be nice, I still don't relish the idea of being in the hospital for my birthday. lol. Besides... it's not as if it's something to get very excited about. It's not that unique a thing in my family. On My mom's side of the family, my Grandfather and uncle (his middle son) share the same birthday. My two younger cousins (bro and sis) share a birthday -- and no they're not twins, they were born two years apart. On my Dad's side, my dad, his sister and their first cousin all share the same birthday, and the same first cousin has two sisters who share THEIR birthday as well...

Many people assume when I tell them this that they are all LARGE families with lots of kids, but they're actually fairly small families. Dad is one of 4 kids and their cousins are 4 kids, so basically 3 out of 8 kids share one birthday and 2 of 8 share the other... so 5 kids, brothers, sisters and cousins all share 2 birthdays. kind of freaky. My grandparents on mom's side only had 5 kids, so 1 of 5 share with my Grandfather, and my younger cousins who share a birthday are 2 of only 3 kids... I mean, if you actually calculate what the odds are with that happening so many times in one extended family, it's probably very unlikely.

I know a woman I used to work with who I discussed this with one time. She said that both she and her husband come from fairly large families. One of them, I can't remember which, is actually one of 13 kids. And she said that of all the children, cousins, grandchildren and extended family on BOTH sides she could only think of one pair of people who shared a birthday and they weren't anyone who was super closely related. I think it was a sister of her husband and 2nd cousin on her side or something like that.

Anyway, enough about my freaky ass family. (lol) Just wish me luck with my appointment today and keep your fingers crossed that they don't induce me today. Besides, if they induce me today I don't get my birthday supper and movie tonight. Mom's watching Olivia so we can get one last date night before I'm stuck with an infant on my boob every 2 hours for the next several months. lol

Well, I should go now. I need to try to get everything ready before I wake Jason up. He worked night shift last night, so didn't get home until 7 this morning, and I'd like to have Olivia all ready to go to mom's before I have to wake him up in an hour. I hate waking him, but we have to leave here by 12:30 at the latest if I'm to make my appointment in time.


Ocean said...

I am so glad you wrote about me!!! your daughter Ocean the second!!!!

Anonymous said...

They put her in the hospital and induced her tonight.
Hopfully she has it between 12:01
midnight and 11:59 tomorrow night.

Cuidado said...

Best of luck, Christine for a calm, and perfect birth. It's all so special, you know.

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