Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life and Wildlife

My blogging has been woefully absent of late, but blame it on the life altering internet revolution called Facebook, or as some call it "Crackbook" becasue it's (apparently) as addicting as crack.

I wouldn't know about the crack part, but Facebook is damn addicting I will admit that. Most of my internet browsing time has been taken up with searching around Facebook randomly. Checking out who is friends with who etc etc. But I was reminded today about my lack of posting on the blog when I was talking to my Aunt C on the phone. She reminded me that I haven't posted since April 6th, so I thought I'd better get my chubby little butt in gear and do a post.

I'm sick... again. We're all sick in fact. Everyone except Jason. Lucky bugger has dodged the flu/cold every time it hit our house this winter. Mind you it might be because he's the only one in the house who had a flu shot, but I gloss over that fact when I'm complaining about always being sick this winter. lol Hey, I'm a woman it's my perogerative. :)

Rachel's (and my) birthday party is coming up Sunday and Olivia has a Dance rehearsal and recital on Friday and Saturday respectively, so it's going to be a damn busy weekend. Not like this week leading up to it will be any less stressful. I'm making hand made Royal Icing decorations for Rachel's cake as well as the cake itself, and possibly some cookies too. We'll be cleaning and decorating for a first birthday, and to top it all off we've decided to paint the kitchen this week. As if we don't have enough else to do. lol. All this while Mommy and the two kidlets are sick! Not a fun time, let me tell you.

Yesterday I saw something I've never seen before. I've seen pictures, but never in person. Living quite close by our house is an Albino deer! They were in our backyard yesterday morning and I got a few shots through the window, but they mostly sucked because I've only got a 3x zoom on my camera and it was just far enough away in the woods that I couldn't focus very well on it. There was the Albino and 3 or 4 other "normal" deer wandering around looking for food.

At first I just assumed that they were just wandering by because we've never really seen a lot of deer in our area before. I mean I live with the woods all around me, so I know there's probably a few in there, but I just assumed because (not far) behind our house are a bunch of old clear cut coal mines, that the deer had gone to "greener pastures" so to speak. But today, just around dusk, Jason came to me and said that all the deer, including the Albino, were back. They were standing in our front yard looking for food when he opened the door to put out a garbage bag and they all took off running. I opened the living room blinds and one of the other deer was still there eating the little bit of our lawn stayed green(ish) over the winter. So off I ran to get my trusty (sucky) camera. I went to the side door, where I could easily see him and opened the window on the door to get a better shot. I set up my tripod and turned off the flash and got a couple of pretty good shots. Not professional by any means, but not bad.

Here they are:
The top two pictures are yesterday morning. You can see a white blur with some brown spots on it, That my friends is an Albino deer! and just to the right of it is another deer behind the tree.

The next four pictures are tonight out my side window. When I came to the window, he/she stood and stared right at me for a few minutes before (s)he went back to business. There's a few pictures of him/her grazing away in our front yard not 50 feet from our car. Then the last picture is one of it darting off into the bushes when an especially loud transport truck drove by our house. Hopefully they come back and I can get a few good pictures of the Albino to show.

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Janice said...

Wow!! Very cool. I've never seen an Albino b/f. Hopefully it'll come back so you can get a few nice pictures of it.

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