Friday, September 07, 2007

Dream Sampler

Well, another few weeks since my last post in blogland and really not all that much to say. I've got some more stitching done. I finished the next section on Dream Sampler, with the exception of the specialty stitches running between the lines of text that I STILL don't have the silk threads for.
I ordered (and paid for) them at my LNS June 2nd and I still don't have anything. I called a week and a half ago to check on it and was told that they'd be putting the order in "next week". I mean, god!!! If there was no plan to order it for over nearly three months, just let me know and I'll get them somewhere else!!! (Note: I just called them and the order should be at the store "any time now". I guess we'll see how long it takes. Because then they still have to send it to me. I'm not very happy with my experience ordering specialty threads... I waited two months for the first batch only to find out I ordered the wrong thing, then I order again from my LNS expecting a little better service and it's 3 months now...

Well, enough ranting for now, you guys don't need to hear it... Here's a progress picture of Dream Sampler at 26.5 hours. I went on two days past the "week" thing because I wanted to finish the section. I'm big on working in sections. I don't think the strict 10 hours/week rotation is working very well. I think I'll still use that as a general guideline, but I won't stick with it too hard if I need to finish a section.

The highlight of my freaking week last week was when I was sitting stitching and looked down at the bottom corner of my fabric and found THIS.
Olivia had decided that my fabric looked like it needed a trim! The cut is about an inch from the bottom at the highest spot and about 2.5 inches long. Luckily there is a bit of extra material at the top and bottom, but I was looking to frame it with a large mat... and this limits the size frame I can use by a bit. I may have to eliminate the mat altogether. I plan on trying to sew a piece of fabric on the back of the bottom corner so I can possibly still use the whole size when stretching and framing the piece. I don't know how the stretching will go if both pieces of fabric have different amounts of give to them, but all I can do is try.


Black Cat Ryan said...

That's too bad about the cut to your fabric. At least it is close to the edge!

Have you any plans to start teaching her how to stitch?

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is beautiful.

I'm sure that the piece of fabric stitched over the cut will work. My framers stitch a band of fabric all around the work if it's too small to add the mats I want and that's always worked.

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