Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Olivia!

I started this post on October 24th, but things have been pretty hectic lately and so here I am over a week later, finally getting around to putting up pictures from Olivia's Birthday, and in the next post some Halloween ones as well.

Here are a few pictures from Olivia's Strawberry Shortcake themed 4th birthday party.

"The Birthday Girl" Olivia

"Little Sister" Rachel

Getting ready to blow out the candles on her Strawberry Shortcake Hat cake.
(Yes, I made the hat myself *Tadaa*)

A close up of the cake before I put the candles on it.
The cake was made using a 9" round pan and half of Wilton's sports ball pan. I used regular icing from a jar and coloured it pink. The strawberries I made a few days ahead using Royal Icing (I got the recipe from the Wilton website) The red ribbon around the hat is just red fruit by the foot and the green ribbon is a real ribbon made into a bow.

Olivia and her party guests eating cake and ice cream.

Rachel eating cake and "i-beem". (that's what she calls Ice cream)

Rachel and Grammy (my mom) cuddling. I love this shot!

Olivia opening her presents.

A video of everyone singing Happy Birthday to Olivia.


Faith Ann said...

Great pics!! Your girls are both adorable!!

You did a FANTASTIC job on the cake... I want a Strawberry Shortcake cake now... think DH will make it for me? lol

Black Cat Ryan said...

What an awesome cake!!!

Olivia is just too cute thinking of her birthday wish.

Christine said...

lol Faith Ann, I understand there. I don't get homemade birthday cakes at all for my birthday. I spend hours and hours making them for the kids and never get one for myself. Mind you, I almost always get a black forest cake (my all time favourite cake) so I'm usually happy with that. :)

Ocean said...

Man Rachel makes me think of Jesse!! You are so creative with the cake, I wish I could do that!!
Can't wait to see you at Christmas!
Love ya

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