Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not much going on

Life's been pretty tame in small town New Brunswick lately. I haven't done much other than watch the tube and play with the kids... oh, other than nearly break my big toe the other day.

For some of you who know, we've got a wood furnace and the other night (Sunday) I went downstairs to throw a few logs in the fire and managed to drop one on my big toe. I don't think it would have been nearly as bad if I had actually been holding it and dropped it, but instead it slipped from my grip before I even had it off the top of the wood pile. Our small wood room in the basement has 9ft ceilings and the wood is piled in three tiers over 7ft tall... (I have to get on my tiptoes to get the wood at the very top) So, a log around 18" long and probably 9" in diameter when whole (it was split in half) fell 7 ft and landed on my big toe... needless to say I couldn't walk well for the next couple of days. Yesterday was the first day that I was actually walking without pain most of the time, though it was also the first day my toe turned purple, and an awfully pretty shade it was!

I haven't been doing much stitching lately. I managed to finish the John Deere Tractor I was stitching for my FIL. It was supposed to have text at the bottom telling the year of the tractor, but I left them off because his old John Deere tractor looks very similar to the pattern, but is a different year. I considered putting something like "Nothing Runs like a Deere" or just "John Deere" at the bottom, but honestly... I doubt he'll mistake it for anything else, so I just left it as it is, very simple.

I started working on Christmas Ornies for this year. I know, I know...I'm cutting it kind of close, but I just don't get the urge to work on Christmas stuff until nearly Christmas. I'm starting with the one I'm doing for Jason and I. (I plan on doing 3 each year -- one for each girl and one for Jason and I) It's the Joy ornament by Sweetheart Tree that's in the 2006 JCS Ornament Issue. I should be done in a day or two (it's not very big) and I'll post a pic then.

Two Christmas presents arrived last week, We ordered a new computer desk for ourselves as a Christmas present for all of us. Right now we've just got a cheap "student" style desk. Everything is open and no drawers etc... not the best thing with a very grabby baby in the house, so we ordered this one from Staples and it arrived the next day. (Note to Future Shop. Please please PLEASE take some lessons on home delivery from Staples!!) It's got a hutch on the top to keep things up high and away from curious little hands. It also has doors in several places to store all our junk that looks so cluttered and messy sitting out in the open right now. I tell you it'll be so nice to be a little more organized than we are now. And it's so hard not to just set it up and be done with it now, but it IS a Christmas present so Jason's adamant that it stay in the box until Christmas Day.

The other present that arrived was one I ordered for myself from Ebay. I've wanted to stitch Mother's Tree for a while now, and found it on Ebay for only a few dollars (including shipping I think I paid around $6.00.) So I thought it would be a good present for the girls to give to me. I won't be stitching it until sometime in the spring. I want to get substantially further in my rotation before I take on another big project. I think I'd get too scattered with another big one right now -- Medium one, maybe... but not a biggun. Unfortunately, blogger won't let me upload a picture now, if you don't know the pattern and want to take a peek, here it is. And if you want to see a gorgeous one that I found online, check this post out! She doesn't post much, but I LOVE her version of this pattern. Strangely enough when I did the research on my family tree on I found that we actually have the first two ancestors on her tree in common. Neat!

Last of all, I realized that I never posted any Halloween Pictures of the kids but blogger is not cooperating on the photo front, so I'll try to remember to do a seperate post later.

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