Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cake Cake and more Cake

Well, I still havn't gotten any stitching done lately. My cousin and best friend, Janice is celebrating her 29th birthday on Wednesday, and was having a birthday party last night, so I decided to bake a cake for her.

Here is the cake I ended up making.

This was my first attempt at using rolled fondant, and I decided to try making Marshmallow Fondant. I loved it! It wasn't nearly as tricky to work with as I thought it would be. The only thing I'd do differently is I wouldn't make a square cake using fondant again. the corners were really very tricky. But the idea behind the cake was for it to look like two stacked presents, so I could get away with folding the corners on it, which I gratefully did.

I decided on these colours because it matches her bedroom, which she reedecorated just last spring.

Here is a quick picture of Olivia on Friday afternoon as we finished mixing up the cake mix and she was happily licking the spoon and beaters while the cake was baking.


Cuidado said...

That is absolutely fantastic, C. You're very talented. Did you see A's yankees cake that S made him for his 30th? I believe it is on his facebook photos. I love the photo of Olivia.

Christine said...

I went and took a look after I read your comment. It turned out really cute. I bet he loved it!

tkdchick said...

Wayyy cool cake I bet she loved it!

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