Saturday, January 06, 2007

Waiting, Cravings and the Weather

It seems like everyone everywhere is posting about the strange weather lately, but we're seeing a lot of strange goings on here in Atlantic Canada especially. I mean, hell, it's January 6th and they're calling for a high of 11 degrees and a low of 1 degree Celcius (That's a high of 52 and a low of 34 degrees F for any American friends reading this.) The regional norms are between -15 and -4 degrees C (between 5 and 25 degrees F) This is CRAZY. We're having a pretty torrential downpour right now and for the past few days it's felt like early spring here! This has got to be one of the mildest winters on record for the area. I actually saw on TV the other day that 10 of the warmest years (worldwide) have occured since 1994 (12 years)... so 10 of the past 12 years have been the warmest years EVER recorded! It really makes you think about the whole Global Warming issue, doesn't it?

Rachel is getting ready to pop a few more teeth. Her two top incisors are starting to push through. You can see her gums are getting whiter as the teeth are getting closer to the surface. It should be any day now and my little one is going to move from 2 to 4 teeth. She's getting so big now, I'm almost getting depressed thinking about it. With Olivia it didn't seem as bad because I always knew I wanted another baby. But now that we have 2, we're pretty much sure we're done having kids. (not 100%, but about 99% sure) And, now that we're pretty sure of this, every new milestone is not only exciting, but saddening becasue this is my LAST baby! This is the last time I'll see one of my babies getting their teeth, learning to crawl, learning to talk etc etc etc. I know there are some (if not many) of you who know exactly what I'm talking about.

I had the chance to get my tubes tied when I went in for surgery on my Ovarian Cysts, but I didn't want to commit to something like that. I'd rather wait a while and go back for another surgery (or send Jason for surgery *lol*) once we're 100% sure we're done... but not until then.

Something weird happend to me yesterday. I was in Rachel's room getting her up after her nap and all of a sudden, out of the blue, I got hit with a VERY STRONG craving for a cigarette! Funny thing is, I quit smoking in June 1997 so it's been almost 10 years! I backslid a few times, afterwards but never for long, mostly just party smoking (I know you understand that Aunt "C"! That and "New Brunswick Smoking" *lol*) and I haven't even had a drag off of a cig in at LEAST 5 years, I'm not sure exactly how long it's been since I had a drag, but I know I've never had one since I've been living in this house. (5 years in May) It just seems weird to hit all of a sudden out of the blue like that. Honestly, it's something I never really expected to have to wrorry about anymore. Not after this long. Strange.

Well, now that I'm done with Christmas ornies and Fairy Celebration, I can finally get back to stitching on Waiting. It's been sitting for quite a long time (sometime in October was the last time I stitched on her) and I finally got my next 10 hours done with. I'm now at 60 hours as of the other night when I took the pictures. In reality I'm at about 64 hours now, but I don't have any pictures for that far yet. I'll have some more at 70. I've finished the lady's arm and have started on the blue scarf on her dress. She's coming along pretty well, hopefully I can stick with her for a while now and get quite a lot done. It shouldn't be too hard now that I'm done all of the "boring" stitching on the drapes. Here's a picture of my progress so far. Click on the picture to see a larger version.


Christine Doyle said...

It's the full moon, I tell ya. Makes the world go insane.

Anonymous said...

I had a craving today at the grocery store when i seen all the cigarettes at the counter.It only lasted for a minute,thank god.

Cuidado said...

I sure do understand, Christine. It will be a year for me on Friday.

Anonymous said...

It was 6 years on December 29th for me. I hope I never give in to those cravings again. Hope your Xmas and New Years was good. See you in the summer.


Katie said...

I love the shading in Waiting. I've never seen that one before, gorgeous!!

Some (but not all) blinkies adopted from:

Others found randomly around the net and put here to use for my own nefarious purposes! Muahahahaha. (*J/K*)