Monday, June 19, 2006

Alvin, Simon, Theo-- DOH!

I was reminded after reading on my Aunt's Blog about her cat bringing her home a "little present" that our cat Shadow (or "ShadowKitty" to Olivia) brought me home one too... I never let her in the house with it, but I did get a few pictures of her stalking home across the yard.

See what she brought me:

I think I'll call him Alvin!

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading about feline behaviour since I just got a new kitten. They have a natural instinct to teach their offspring to hunt and to provide for them and sometimes this is demonstrated on the owner. Your kitty is trying to feed you. How cute.

Some (but not all) blinkies adopted from:

Others found randomly around the net and put here to use for my own nefarious purposes! Muahahahaha. (*J/K*)