Thursday, December 14, 2006

Letter to Santa

Olivia wrote a letter to Santa yesterday. I know we're cutting it close, but I think we can send it out now and still have a little time to get a response... Jason was going to check it out today to see if it's too late, and if not he was going to mail it today.

Here's a scan of her letter to Santa (written by me of course) and the pictures she drew for Santa. I asked her what she wanted to say and she didn't know... So I had to prompt her... do you want to ask (insert question here) and every second or third question she'd nod and say yeah and I'd write that question. It will be so cute when she can write her own letter.

The picture to the right are pictures of Santa's Reindeer flying in the sky. At least, that's what Olivia told me they are. I'll have to take her word for it. *lol*
Below is the back of the reindeer picture and it's a picture of her hands. I traced the first one and she did the rest by herself. She was so excited to trace her hands by herself.

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