Monday, December 11, 2006

New ornament front stitched...

I've finished stitching the ornament front for the final (3rd)ornament I'm making this year. It's GloryBee's freebie "Blackwork Noel" (If you visit it, notice that there's a dropdown near the bottom of the page to see the other freebies GloryBee has available.) It was a really quick stitch, being made up entirely of backstitches and all, and was done in just one evening.

I changed the orientation of the ornament slightly. It was meant to be square as opposed to diamond shaped. I just turned it 45 degrees and then I had to change where the letters fit. I stitched the letters over 1 instead of over two as was called for. I wanted a more delicate looking letter, and the size they were originally were too big to fit right once I changed the way the ornament was turned. It also called for all the blackwork, or redwork I guess, to be stitched with two threads, but I used one instead. I like the fine line look better. the picture to the right is a picture of what the original is supposed to look like when stitched. (Picture was taken from the GloryBee site)

I plan on stitching a second one for the back of the ornament, but instead of NOEL for the letters, I plan on plotting out my own letters. A "C" and a "J" for Christine and Jason , then "0" and "6" for the year on the bottom, I should get that finished tonight and then hopefully I'll get all three ornaments finished this week... lol... Then, once I get those done I can finally get Fairy Celebration finished. I've only got about 2 or 3 evenings worth of stitching left to finish it off, but I wanted to get the Ornaments done before Christmas.

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