Saturday, June 30, 2007

WIP and a HD!

Just a quick post to put up a pic of my most recent work on Dream Sampler at 12.5 hours, before I finished my "week" and switched projects". I haven't ripped out the stitching done with the watercolours yet. They only had one of the waterlilies in stock at "Because You Count" when I went up last week so I'm waiting to get them in the mail before I rip out the old stuff. That way it still looks done in the meantime.

I love love LOVE working on this one. It seems to be going so fast. I didn't want to put it down, but I've just started my first rotation and didn't want to fall off so quickly. :)

Dani, I knew that you stitched some of Jennifer's models for her, and I saw her Thank you to you on the back of the pattern. Also, I was curious if the pattern "Dani the Stitching Dragon" was made for you. I always assumed that it was but never thought to ask. And, no I don't think the watercolors would have worked for the specialty stitches. The rhodes hearts that I already did would have looked like a big blob if I would have used the watercolors instead of the waterlilies.

BTW, can I just say: Oh my god! I just ADORE stitching with silks. This was my first time, I was a silk virgin... but no more. And I've discovered something that I love almost as much as Pepsi... Well, no... not really... a bit of an exageration on my part. There's not much other than my family that I love more than Pepsi... But you get the idea!! :)

Here's a picture of my HD for today. It's a pic of a quick little freebie from Sweetheart Tree that I stitched up after I finished my rotation on Dream Sampler. I got it free from an ebay seller when I ordered some patterns from her not too long ago.
It's stitched on 28 ct Lugana. I think the colour is called Pewter, but I'm not certain. I think I might like to stitch it again using darker colours. I'm thinking overdyed silks... mmmm, Silks!!
I'd like to use dark green variants for the leaves and instead of light pink for the "Welcome" maybe a thread that changes from dark berry/raspberry to purples. I think I'm going to stitch some rhodes hearts using the same "berry" colour in place of the pink heart shaped beads. I'll find some similar "berry colour" petite seed beeds for it too to finish it all off.
I don't know if you can see it, but in the center of the diamonds there was a specialty stitch. (don't ask me which one, I can't remember the name right off) Anyway, it was done in Ecru, and you can barely make it out. Even when you look at it close up, it's almost identical in colour to the fabric.
Anyway, I'm off for today. I need to give Jason a hand building a Picnic table for a minute then I need to go get the baby up for lunch. Ahhh, my life. :)


tkdchick said...

Wow Dream Sampler is looking fantastic.

Now the story behind "Dani The Stitching Dragon"...

Years ago when the Dragon Virtues quilt was an online freebie, and the last block had been released. Jennifer put a challenge out there to us stitchers on the net, that she would name a special dragon after the stitcher who finishes the afghan first.

Well... you don't challenge me lightly. It was neck and neck between me and some fellow Virgil.

And I won. Jennifer actually borrowed my afghan to do the chart cover photography... it also was on dispaly at nashville and in Toronto.

Katie said...

Oh The Dream Sampler, that was soo much fun to do! Love your fabric choice :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through the Cross Stitch Freebie gallery - you have some GREAT cakes!!! You are so talented. I'm writing about the little Sweetheart Tree freebie you stitched up - I love it!! (I love Sweetheart Tree). Do you think there's any way I could get a copy of that freebie? - I would understand if you are not comfortable with my request. Thanks, Barbie brdstitcher at gmail dot com

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