Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rock Star

In honour of the fact that I just heard the other day that the new season of Rockstar is confirmed (though they won't confirm the band they signed for it) I have a new question for you:

You are auditioning for the TV show RockStar, what band (dead or alive) are you hoping to become the lead singer for? Don't worry whether the lead singer is still with the band or not... this is just fantasy anyway. But it DOES have to be a BAND... you can't be lead singer for an individual "singer"... that means that Care can't pick Joni Mitchell or Van Morrison. (lol)

I'd honestly have to go with either the Doors or possibly Queen on this one, but I honestly don't think a woman lead singer would work for either of them... Can you hear a chick singing 'Backdoor Man' by the Doors?? or 'Fat Botomed Girls' by Queen?? Not me! (for example)

Small piece of the lyrics from the Doors song 'Back Door Man'
You men eat your dinner
Eat your pork and beans
I eat more chicken Than any man ever seen, yeah, yeah
I'm a back door man, wha
The men don't know
But the little girls understand

Maybe I just have a dirty mind... but I see that as a very sexual song... Then again I doubt I'm too far off from what I've heard and read about Jim Morrison... Most of his songs were about Sex, Drugs or Death and I don't see ANYTHING relating to Drugs or Death in those lyrics. (lol)

Now, on to Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls'.

NOTE: This is most of the lyrics that I found online but I did take out some of the repetitive parts (like the repeating chorus) of the song since this isn't being posted to sing along to... but rather to illustrate my point.

Are you gonna take me home tonight ?
Ah down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out ?
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round

Hey I was just a skinny lad
Never knew no good from bad
But I knew life before I left my nursery
Left alone with big fat Fanny
She was such a naughty nanny
Hey big woman you made a bad boy out of me

I've been singing with my band
Across the wire across the land
I seen every blue eyed floozy on the way
But their beauty and their style
Went kind of smooth after a while
Take me to them dirty ladies everytime

Hey listen here
Now I got mortgages on homes
I got stiffness in ma' bones
Ain't no beauty Queens in this locality
Oh but I still get my pleasure
Still get my greatest treasure
Hey big woman you gonna make a big man out of me

Like I said, I can't see any woman singing those songs and you can't just delete them from the song lists or anything...

Back to the TV Show Rockstar... I heard that they are throwing around two band names that might be the band for the show... either Queen or Van Halen. Either would be amazing!


Cuidado said...

Van always uses a band so I'd choose him for sure but if you insist on another, I'd pick Ray Charles. Christine, can you figure out how to put music on my blog so that I don't have to leave the blog to hear it?

Christine said...

ahhh.. Yes, they USE a band... but they AREN'T a band... It's Van Morrison... or Ray Charles... or whatever. If YOU were the lead singer it wouldn't be Ray or Van anymore now would it? It would be Care singing Ray songs or Van songs... That's why you have to pick a BAND... lol...

And I don't know how to put music into your blog. The only thing I can think of is if you code it right into the HTML code... but then you can only code 1 song that would repeat over and over again... Besides that, I'm completely against putting music on webpages... because if I'm listening to music on my computer when I'm surfing the web and I go to a webpage that has music on it, then I can't listen my music and I may not LIKE the music on the other person's web page or blog.

Plus, consider people who have computers without a lot of Ram... having music running in the background takes up a substantial amount of memory and people with older computers might not be able to check your blog and do other things at the same time without substantially slowing down their computer. Personally, I usually won't revisit a site that has music on it. I just find it annoying.

Ocean said...

I like your blog! I will come back later and actually make a good comment. I guess I should update mine as well.

Some (but not all) blinkies adopted from:

Others found randomly around the net and put here to use for my own nefarious purposes! Muahahahaha. (*J/K*)