Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hollywood or Bust...

In honour of the newest season of American Idol the question today is:
If you were trying out for American Idol, would you be going to Hollywood or would they laugh in your face as they booted you out the door?

And most importantly, what song would you sing in our audition?

I'd definitely be booted out. I'm pretty much tone deaf when it comes to my own singing. Which sucks because I LOVE to sing. For song choice, this week I'd probably choose 'Sinnerman' by Nina Simone. It's one of the songs that I've been playing over and over lately... By next week I'll probably have a different answer.

Some other options would be:
- 'Dream On' by Aerosmith (If I could hit those super high notes near the end)
- 'Moondance' by Van Morrison
- 'Rhiannon' or 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac...
- 'Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity' by Type O Negative. That way I'd know that I wouldn't get made fun of on TV since they couldn't air me singing that song...

(For those that don't know it the chorus is "I Know you're F***ing someone else!!!" Over and over again... It also includes the Lead singer calling his ex-girlfriend a "B*tch, Sl*t, C*nt and Who*e" several times... There's no way I'd get aired singing that one. They'd have to bleep more than they could show! lol)

There's also a song by Keltic Cowboys called 'Kiss My Irish Ass' that might be a good option to sing to Simon as they laughed me out the door. lol I originally thought it was by Great Big Sea, because the person who emailed it to me had it labeled as being by them, but I've recently gotten a comment from the lead singer of Keltic Cowboys -- Frank Mackey. He's informed me of my error. My appologies to Frank and the rest of the group for getting this wrong in the first place! Now that I've listened to it again with this in mind, it sounds nothing like Alan Doyle singing... which I should have noticed before, but didn't. Still, it is a GREAT song!!

What about you?? What would you sing and would you get to Hollywood? (or in the case of Canadian Idol would you get to Toronto?)


Cuidado said...

I wrote a comment yesterday but it didn't appear. I would do a song that I won a lip sync contest with at Aaron's 14th birthday party. It's an old Gershwin song, sung by many, but best by Phoebe Snow. It is called There's a Boat That's Leavin' Soon for New York. I'd definately get kicked off because I can't sing, only lip sync.

Cuidado said...

Here's a link to Lena Horne singing the above mentioned song. I don't have Phoebe's version on my computer.

Just found out that you can not link through comments but need to cut and much to learn!

Frank Mackey said...


The song "Kiss My Irish Ass" is actually by me and my band the Keltic Cowboys out of Phoenix, AZ. (Sorry, it's not Canadian. ;)

Thanks for liking the song, though, and it would be really hilarious to see you singing it to Simon.

Frank Mackey

Anonymous said...

I can verify that song was written by Frank Mackey...I am his best friend from high school and I knew his father, a great man he was, and he was a tough guy like the song says. Frank is a great guy and a great songwriter and musician. I live in New York and he is out in Arizona and I always miss him and the good times we had..I consider him among the true friends in my life,,,by the way, that song always gets credited to the wrong people

John Fitzpatrick

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