Friday, March 17, 2006

Retail Store?

I just realized that I haven't done a question of the day in a while. Here's one that I liked.

If you could open your own retail store, what type of merchandise would you sell?

I think that I'd either start a craft store with Scrapbooking and Cross stitching supplies etc. There are none in Fredericton anymore. Trimmings closed down last year and Lewiscraft is closing down now. I'd probably try to open a Michaels. That store is AWESOME!

My second choice would be a Bridal store or Maternity store that focuses on Plus sized Brides and Mothers-to-be. I had such a hard time finding a wedding dress when I was getting married. I couldn't try on any of the dresses. You could only look at them and imagine what they would look like on, but if you can't try them on, you could end up with a dress you absolutely love but it looks horrible on you. I would have had to order a dress without ever seeing it on myself...

And both times I've been pregnant I've had such a hard time finding nice maternity clothes that fit... Apparently, unless you're a size 14 or smaller, you don't get pregnant... at least according to the Maternity clothes industry, because no one seems to make any nice clothes for anything larger than that! Discrimination I say!

How about you? What would you open for a store. Remember, this is just imagination so don't worry about whether that store would get any business in your area or not... After all I want to open a craft store when two of them have failed in the past year in my area! Obviously wouldn't be the smartest move ever! But this isn't real, so it doesn't matter anyway, does it?! *lol*


Anonymous said...

I would chose an Ice Cream Parlor or a candy store. Yum Yum

Cuidado said...

Imports, like I had at the Magik Dragon, I would do again. We had clothing, jewelry, furniture, paper products, lamps, purses,and giftware. The draw for me in this type of store was the international traveling necessary to stock the store.

Would a kissing booth count as a store? That would be my real first choice. I sure like to kiss.

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