Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Olivia at 3 Months

This is one of my favourite pictures of Olivia. She was 3 months old when I took this. I just set up a cream coloured sheet on the floor and laid her on it with pink and white feather boas that I borrowed from a friend. There are a few other good ones too, but this is definitely the best one there is!

You may notice that the picture reads a little on the red side, but that's because of my scanner. Everything I scan ends up with a red tint to it. I've tried to correct it manually during the scanning process and afterwards, but it never turns out right. Hint: Epson scanners SUCK!

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Maudey Wiki said...

Congadulations you've created a beautiful young lady, that'll probaly grow up to be just like her mother, i hope you make the most of each day and cherish what you've created with the help if your boyfriend/husband

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