Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rachel, Sohpie and Ava... OH MY!!

Well, the inevitable has happened. I've decided that I don't really like the name Rachel anymore. lol... I knew that would happen sooner or later.

For some reason this baby's name isn't presenting itself to us the way Olivia's did. With Olivia, I was talking to my cousin Janice and we were discussing baby names. (She was pregnant with her 2nd, Jenna, at the same time I was pregnant with Olivia.) She said how much she liked the name Olivia, but her brother in law has a daughter named Olivia, so she couldn't use it... I said that I liked it too, but had never thought of it. I decided to ask Jason about it that night.

Well, later that day we were on our way to Fredericton to go shopping and he looks at me out of the blue and says: "You know what name I've been thinking about a lot lately? Olivia!" Of course I'm thinking he heard Janice and I talking on the phone, because he had just been out in the yard and could have come in the house without me knowing... So, I'm like "Shut up! You heard us talking didn't you?"

He had no idea what I was talking about. We both came up with that name on the same day independantly. Well, I had a little help on my part, but we never discussed it with each other. Kind of freaky, but it worked. We were both pretty much convinced from that point on that her name would be Olivia if she were a girl. We did have a backup name (Gillian) in case we changed our mind at the last minute, but we never even came close to using it.

But this time we just can't agree on anything. There are ones he likes that I think are "OK" and vice-versa but there aren't any that we both love! That's making it really hard this time around.

I'd really like to hear any stories any of you have about naming children. Like, how did you decide on the names and what were the other options etc...

By the way, there's no sense in commenting on the names in the title... they're all ones that we've decided NOT to use for one reason or another. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


Ocean said...

Awe, I really like Ava, and Sophie. I think you should definately give her a unique name like Ocean! haha, something really cool! I know that when I have a child SOMEDAY it will have a different name for sure.

Rosey said...

I still think Oatmeal is great Christine....and you can call her Oats for short

Christine said...

Unfortunately, getting rid of Ava wasn't my decision. Jason doesn't like it. It's my favourite name of all the ones we've talked about. That and Maia are tied as far as I'm concerned, but he doesn't like either one of them.

Sophie was one we both "kinda" liked, but neither one of us loved

I was actually talking to someone a few months ago about names (I think it was just before you guys came home at Christmas for your last visit) and mentioned "my cousin Ocean". She said that she almost named her daughter Ocean when she was born but her mother convinced her not to. She said she's never heard it anywhere before or after until I said your name. lol. Funny... I also told her that there was a character named Ocean on Danger Bay back in the 80s but she didn't remember hearing it there either. lol

And Rosey, I love ya Babe, but Oatmeal??? Funny, but NOOOOO WAAAAYYYY!

Cuidado said...

RRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I just left a really long comment and when I went to publish it, I had to change the sign in fron Ocean to me and it disappeared.

You must have heard that Ocean's chosen name before her birth was Baie; pronounced the same as the English counterpart, Bay. On the way to the hospital, one of us said, "How about Ocean." and the decision was made just like that. It stuck but I still live Baie. I like nature names in general like Baie, Bay, River, Meadow, Wind. I like Scarlet, Charlotte,Ciara, Sarah...lots of names. You'll find one that you both like, I'm sure so just relax about it. This is shorter than the last one but will have to do.

Christine said...

Yeah, Jason and I both LOVE the name Sarah, but it's too rhimey with our last name... Think about it... (I don't post last names online, so those who know me will just have to sound it out yourself)

Isn't it horrible!?! Ciara is similar. I like that one too (There was a person on Big Brother a few years ago who had the name Chiara... that's where I got that one.)

And I LOVE different names, but Jason hates them. If I could have my way and I knew that whatever name I picked he'd absolutely love I'd name the baby Aislinn. (It's Celtic and it means Dream) But since it's NEVER gonna happen, i've given up on names like that... I thought I had a chance with Maia... Different enough for me, but normal enough for him... unfortunately he hates it too!

What's a girl to do... lol...

I keep telling him I'm gonna pull a "Gram" and just sign the papers when he's outta the room. (For those who don't know, Mom was originally supposed to be named Maureen, until Gram changed her mind at the last minute. And from what I heard, never even told Grampy until they got home from the hospital...)

Anonymous said...

Im loving J more and more all the time I hate Ava too.
What's the matter with Gillian you can use it now.
The story about your mom,s name is as good as mine I was home a week before they threw the name Alphie on me. LOL

Christine said...

Yeah yeah yeah (lol)

We've already talked about this one before. You just don't like the name Ava because it's too close to Nannie's name, Eva. Or, as you call her, the "dissipated old bitch".

I don't really like the name Gillian anymore. Too many issues with it. If you shorten the name Gillian you end up with "Gill". It should be pronounced the same as Jill but people would end up pronouncing it more like a "gil" on a fish rather than the name "jill". I also hate the other spelling (Jillian) so that option is definitely out. So it's not really an option for this baby... I never thought of any of the downsides to that name when we were waiting for Olivia to come along. Luckily we never had to deal with it since we stuck with Olivia.

I know the basis of the story behind your name, but I didn't know that you were home a week before you were named though.

I knew that Grampy was bound and determined that Stephen was going to be named Alphie, but he just ended up getting it for a middle name because Gram didn't like it.

I then heard (whether it's true or not, I'm not sure) that when you were born, he told her that if she didn't name you Alphie that she'd be pregnant every 9 months until he DID get a son named Alphie.

Needless to say that ended up being your name and you were the last kid. *lol*

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