Saturday, July 15, 2006

At last it's here

Our new dryer has finally arrived. I just realized that I never posted a blog about the dryer incident yet, so most of you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Monday morning we threw a load of clothes in the washer and mid-morning Jason went to throw them in the dryer and it just made a loud buzzing noise when he tried to turn it on. He was pretty sure it was dead, but just to be sure, he called an electrician friend of his dad and asked if he'd come over and take a look at it. The friend (Ed for those of you who know him) also worked a lot on appliances in the past though he doesn't really do it any more. He wasn't home at the time, so Jason called back that evening and he came by and took a quick look. He told us it was dead. I can't remember exactly what part(s) he said were gone, but that it would be at least $150 in parts if we could find the parts for that old dryer, plus labour costs. He said, if it were him, he'd just buy a new dryer rather than fix an old one that might go again in another 6 months because OTHER parts might go...

So, off Jason goes Tuesday morning to our local Sears depot. Peggy (the owner) keeps some appliances in stock for those who can't wait a week or so for an order to come in, but unfortunately she sold the last dryer on Monday! Jason decides at that point, instead of going home and just ordering the thing from the catalogue that he'll drive the hour to Fredericton where there's an actual Sears store and buy the dryer there. Well... come to find out that after driving an hour in a truck that goes through a litre of gas faster than an alcoholic can down a beer, that Sears in Fredericton doesn't carry ANY appliances in stock. They only have their floor models. So you have to... guess what... order it from the catalogue! Funny for you, somewhat funny for me, but Jason wasn't laughing.

He called me from the cell phone and told me to order it right away, hoping that by getting the order in a bit earlier we might get in early enough to get an earlier delivery date. Peggy had mentioned earlier that if he ordered it that morning we MIGHT get it by Saturday.

Anyway, The dryer showed up today and he drove the 5 minutes to pick it up. (much better than driving an hour to buy one that isn't there!) When he got home he went to wheel it into the laundry room on the dolly he borrowed from his dad. Unfortunately he found out he'd have to take the door off.... Who in their right minds puts a 28" door on a LAUNDRY ROOM... It's not like you're just moving small pieces of furniture in there or anything.
After the door is off he figures it's easy going only to find out he actually has to take part of the door trim off in order to fit the damn thing through... So finally after prying and cursing for the past hour we've again got a working dryer! WooHoo! No more cardboard clothes coming off the clothesline.

That's my rant for the day. Hope you all have a great weekend!

PS: Steve, Tell Ellie that I'd gladly cross-stitch something for her sometime, but I doubt I could do a table cloth... I don't have THAT much ambition. *lol* You guys like native art etc? I saw the pictures of the native artwork you recently got... maybe I'll do something with a native theme or feel. I wish I would have known before Lewiscraft closed down in the mall... they had a killer dreamcatcher kit that I always loved but had no where to put in our house. I would have picked it up when everything was on sale!

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