Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My first SBQ response

A site I read posts a weekly SBQ (Stitcher's Blogging Question). I've never answered one before, but I thought I'd start with today's question.

Many of us have a few pairs of embroidery scissors and some even have a “collection”. How many pairs of scissors do you have? Feel free to share a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!

I actually don't own a pair of embriodery scissors. (A shocked gasp goes up from the stitchers reading this post *lol*) Since I use a small craft box, or floss box as I call it, to keep my floss and stitching supplies in, I decided I didn't want a pair of scissors floating around when they won't fit in the box... so I use something that will fit... A pair of nail clippers. (another gasp from the crowd) I find that you can get almost as close when cutting threads etc, and I've not graduated to doing projects like Hardanger with the cut areas etc, so I've yet to come across projects where I can't get by without my trusty nail clippers... And, as a bonus, I always know where to find a pair of nail clippers when our "household" pair mysteriously disappear for days at a time as they do sometimes. *lol*

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