Friday, October 06, 2006

First Tooth!

Because I've been so long since posting before the last one, I had a few things I wanted to post about, but I just didn't have time to post them all the other day. So I'll try to get two posts in today so I can get "caught up" so to speak.

Rachel finally got her first tooth! (and now her second)
We went to the Care 'n' Share (a drop in playgroup here in town) a week ago last Wednesday (that's Sept 27th for those of you counting) and one of the other Moms noticed that she was almost ready to pop her first tooth. I watched it closely, and the next day (Thursday the 28th) it broke through!! I was happy and sad all at once. I was excited for the milestone that we passed, but at the same time I know that Rachel is most likely our last baby and that was the last time I'd see that beautiful 'gummy' smile that babies have before they get teeth.

I remember I was so depressed when Olivia got her first tooth because I was convinced that there was no way that her smile would be as cute once there were teeth in there. I was wrong, but I was still quite sad about it.

Here's a picture of Rachel with her first tooth. You can't see it very clearly becuase it's still pretty small in there, but it's a little line of white on her bottom gum near the center. I don't have any pictures with both bottom teeth yet. I'll have to take one soon. Maybe later on today and I can post it this weekend...

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