Friday, October 06, 2006

Who said anything about SLEEP??

Olivia had her very first sleepover on Tuesday night. My cousin Janice's husband Joey is home for 2 weeks after living in a work camp in Alberta for several months now, so I told Janice that if they wanted a night alone I'd be willing to take one of the kids for the night. The obvious answer was a resounding YES and we decided it would be Jenna since she and Olivia are the same age and it would be the first "sleepover" for both of them.

I should say that I know what sleepovers are usually like, having been on many during my pre-teen and teenage years, but I figured that a sleepover for (nearly) 3 year olds would end much earlier than a sleepover for a pre-teen. Boy was I wrong!! It was after 11:00 before those girlies went to sleep!. I must have gone up at least 2 dozen times between 8 and 11, and finally at the end of it I said the magic words. "NO MORE TALKING, or I'm going to SPANK you." Of course Olivia just looked at me and grinned. She either didn't believe me or didn't care (lol) but Jenna's eyes got big and she just looked at me like she wasn't really sure if I'd follow through or not.

After that I heard Olivia try to start a conversation a few times via the baby monitor that we still keep in her room, but after Olivia started talking Jenna would say "SHHHH... I can't talk to you!!!" It was so cute... They stopped making noise and fell asleep sometime within the next 15 minutes after that happened.

Here are a few picutres from that night.

Jenna and Olivia playing on the air matress before "bed time"

Olivia and Jenna smiling for the camera.

Playing hide and seek in their sleeping bags.
Above, Jenna is hiding. Below Olivia is.

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