Thursday, March 01, 2007

To Do in March

Well, it's March and I'm just making my first monthly "to do" list. Better late than never. Maybe this will help me stick to my

March List
1. Stitch and finish 2 small gifts (XS)
2. Sew pants for Olivia's figure skating recital (for all 7 preschool girls in her group)
3. Make two quick quilts for Rachel and Olivia
4. Make progress on "Waiting" (XS)
5. Start "Summer Bloom" (XS)
6. Finish "Quilt" (XS) and finish into a needlebook
7. Clean and organize my craft room (especially my Scrapbooking supplies)
8. Once craft room is usable, start Rachel's Scrapbook... (Remember: take it one page at a time!)

Rachel with a cheerio stuck to her chin!

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